Momentous progress at the Labour Party Conference

On Tuesday the 26th September at the Labour Party Conference a motion was passed unanimously. The motion included a call for a defence of the NHS in England and a move to reinstate the NHS ‘as per the NHS reinstatement Bill
Both members of Keep Our NHS Public: Alex Scott-Samuel from Socialist Health Acssociation and Doctors for the NHS proposed the motion which was seconded by Sue Richards of Islington CLP and executive member of KONP nationally.
The motion – Composite 8: NHS was introduced by Alex in a moving speech in which he named accountable care systems and ACOs as a dangerous structure for healthcare. He described how they would lead to a restricted access to a diminished range of services – the inevitable result of the imposed, disastrous £22bn of underfunding of the annual NHS budget by 2020/21.
His full speech can be viewed here.
Sue followed Alex by reminding Jon Ashworth, Shadow Secretary of State for Health, and Conference that this was one year on from conference committing to reinstating the NHS fully. Highlighting that the pledge had not materialised in shadow team policy, including at conference.
Her full speech can be viewed here.
A ‘very well done’ and so many thanks to Alex and Sue for all their hard work.
The policy as agreed would end the era of privatisation, end the market in the NHS, both internal or external, end use of new PFI contracts and bring back under public control the current PFIs used to extract profits from NHS core funding that are undermining the stability of so many NHS hospitals and trusts.
For more information on KONP’s view of this wonderful motion please see co-chair Tony O’Sullivan’s post “Historic moment as Labour Conference unanimously recommits to restoring an NHS for all”
Thank you to all the campaigners who have contributed to this exciting development.